About Kanem X & the May Moons

Kanem X & the May Moons are heart & heartache, passions & perseverance, rock & blues. We are a 4 piece band from Ann Arbor & Detroit, Michigan, showing our spirit through fiery guitars, warm bass lines, snappy drums, and raw voices. We are part of the tradition of friends getting together to play instruments, to create tunes, and to fill your night with songs that navigate you through the joys & pains.


The band features Kanem X on guitar and vocals, Hootie Tunes on guitar and vocals, Borz the Boogie Man on Bass and Austin "AK7A" the Klip on drums. Formed through ties to the University of Michigan, they have worked together to make bombastic jams and soulful ballads. Their first project "Bite the Bullet - EP" set the tone for more of their raw & rough character, while their singles "Digging Deeper" & "Keep Warm Tonight" show more of their heart.

They are recording a series of singles being released throughout 2018 and are continuously planning shows.

You can find Kanem X music on SpotifyApple MusiciTunesAmazonGoogle Play,  and other music services and on soundcloud at soundcloud.com/kanemmusic. Look for KanemMusic on social media: facebook.com/kanemmusic, twitter @KanemMusic, and instagram @KanemMusic.

Feel free to contact Kanem X for booking, recording or performing, and general questions or comments!