What's been goin' on? Jammin' Jalapeños!

I've been meaning to post more regularly to Kanem's Log and talk about more topics, mainly focusing on music, but I'll keep a variety. In light of my lack of posts, I will be posting monthly for the next 3 months (July, August, and September 2016) by the 12th of every month by 11:59 PM (gotta leave room to procrastinate to the last minute). I hope you enjoy reading this post and future posts to come!

What's been going on? I've been jamming with some Jalapeños! I have a group chat called "Jammin' Jalapeños" with some other great musicians. I have mainly played with the original group which includes Alborz (bass), Keeyan (drums), Hootan (guitar/vocals), and myself. 

Alborz is quite a fantastic bass player, playing for a number of years and it truly shows. He brings a lot of enthusiasm and positive energy when we're all playing together. He is great at creating tunes on both guitar and bass, and I have really enjoyed collaborating on pieces that we will be building into full fledge songs.

Keeyan is a very excellent drummer that brings a lot of cheer to our playing. He plays on that great line of drumming keeping the rest of us tight and on time, never missing a beat, while not constraining the song, keeping it flexible and groovy! The first time we all played, it was on a drum set with a blown out snare. Somehow with a tom on the snare stand, he played in a way that still made the music lively!

Last but not least, Hootan. He is a very dedicated guitar player, and plays with great precision. He really has an ear for sound. He plays songs with a lot of heart. We have been playing "Sultans of Swing" by the Dire Straights, a song that Hootan has grown up with, and every time we play it, he plays it with such appreciation for the music.

We are currently working to put together some "Kanem & the Jammin' Jalapeños" shows in the coming months, combining Kanem material, covers, and material from the Jalapeños. I'll be sure to post up shows as they get lined up!

Also, during the midst of my summer 2016 thus far, I was able to squeeze out another demo, "Move On".

If you haven't checked it out yet, please do! I hope you enjoy it! I really enjoyed making this bluesy track, the guitar is very much a locomotive, and I enjoy the simple kick and clap that keeps the song going.

Thanks for reading and see you next month!