Hello November 2016

If you like his music, go get a ticket, go see him.

If you like his music, go get a ticket, go see him.

Catfish & the Bottlemen
Catfish & the Bottlemen made a lively performance at St. Andrews hall. It was a mixture of good music that was amplified by the entertaining performance! I'm not an open tuning kind of guy, and I'll admit that I haven't truly tried studied and learned it well, but Van McCann's use of it works wonders for his performance which I believe anyone would enjoy.

The Worn Flint
The opener for Catfish & the Bottlemen at St. Andrews hall kicked off everything superbly. They radiated a fun funky energy that was symmetric with their music. It was the first time I even heard of them, and I was hooked by their sound. They set the perfect tone for the night! You should definitely check them out!

Kanem & the Jammin' Jalapenos at Kerrytown Concert House Open Mic presented by Music Matters (University of Michigan)
The placed was filled with such an enthusiastic crowd that cultivated great talent on stage from so many musicians! I've been playing with "The Jammin' Jalapenos" since the summer and it was great to play with them on a stage finally! 
We had a couple of songs prepared, but decided to play "Move On". We got the crowd joining in on the fun and clapping with us.

The performance was great, which encouraged me to go for gold and do a playing behind the back trick I got from Stevie Ray Vaughan.

It got me nervous, and I thought I wasn't gonna get my strap clicked back in, but in that moment, I calmed my mind, tried not to panic, and got my strap clipped in to continue soloing! Haha, such a good time!

I would like to thank Music Matters, the Kerrytown Concert House, and last but definitely not least, the Jammin' Jalapenos!

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