What's been goin' on? July to August

Damn...I was supposed to post on the 12th! I'm sorry for being a day late, hopefully I can hit my mark in September!

It's crazy to think that it's already August! I have been talking with some other musical friends about starting up our own little network of musicians in Southeast Michigan. If you are a musical artist in Southeast Michigan, looking to play in places like Ann Arbor, Lansing, and Detroit, please sign up here! The current network right now is working on creating opportunities for musicians from all experience levels and genres to perform. We are looking to put on fun showcases and open mics at bars and other venues, and working with various organizations (student organizations, non-profits, etc.) to potentially provide fundraising as well. Please contact me if you are in an organization or know of one that would like to work with our network to put a fundraiser together. Building up this network is going to be enjoyable, meeting new people and friends, and struggling my hardest to remember all of their names. I love performing music, and I'm looking forward to be performing along side other passionate artists.

As much as I am looking forward to performing, I am excited to say that I am buckling down, and will be recording a 4 track EP. I have set the date to be March 2017 for it to come out in the world and I am enthused to be taking on a more official project. The EP will consist of 2 current demos that will be re-recorded ("Black Mamba Blues" and "Move On") and 2 new tracks. I know one of the new tracks will be a fun driving tune called "It's Alright", but I have no idea what I want the 4th track to be (which is funny/irritating).

I have the habit of almost always coming up with a bit or riff that I enjoy when I pick up my guitar, and I'm constantly hitting a record button on my iPhone to capture the small idea to make it a full fledge song later. This is great, but now that I'm trying to decide the last song I want to use to round off the EP, it's becoming difficult to choose. I have this slow dancy song called "The Way" that has all sorts of romance to it. Another love song I've had for a while is called "One N' Only", which I originally wrote as a Valentine's Day poem for my girlfriend. Then I have a heavier, working on the rail road sort of song, called "Howl" that I love the feel of. I could go on and on with more songs and ideas that could easily become songs. I know I'm going to end up with a song that I will enjoy recording, and I know I'll end up recording all of the songs. And once I start recording, and have a rough mix of some of the newer tunes, I'll be sure to provide samples.

I hope you had a good month, and I hope the coming month brings some fun too!


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