Behind the Lyrics - "With You I Know"

I believe all music and lyrics can be interpreted infinitely different ways. I'm going Behind the Lyrics of my song "With You I Know" to tell one of the interpretations I have at this point in time, because even my interpretations are not concrete. I would appreciate to here any of your interpretations, please contact me with what you think of "With You I Know" or any of my other songs! I really enjoy talking about music!

"With You I Know" (lyrics are right here) is built around the Chorus, so I will start explaining the song from there and then go through the other lyrics

For "With You I Know", the whole meaning behind the song is built around the Chorus: "Will I go / to free my soul / to find myself /with you I know". When I first wrote this, it was about being in love, and having someone special show you all the potential you have. When you are in a great relationship, it should feel like you can do anything with great confidence. For me, I've always struggled with staying involved with music, my special someone is always great about encouraging me to stay in the pursuit.

Verse 1:
"No past is gone / no future broken." The past will always exist, but no matter what it holds, your future isn't in shatters, you haven't even got there yet. I worry about what my future holds a lot, I know a lot of people do. At the end of the day, no matter what happened previously, you can still work today to correct course for a better tomorrow.

"The cold feels warm / A silence's spoken;" This relates back to the verse riff being part of an instrumental song that I wrote before called "Shivering Cold", and I wanted to acknowledge the original title. In other way, I left "Shivering Cold" behind, I wasn't using it, so I decided to heat it up a little bit, use it for another song, let the silent beast sing.

Verse 2:
"I'm hard to satisfy /and that's no real surprise / I stay consistent / but still wonder, why?." This whole verse is about complacency. We all get comfortable in what we do day to day, but ironically, we also want some things to change. We fail to realize, that you can't expect anything different doing things the same way.

"And then I see you ... And then I hear you ... And then I feel you ... And Yes I know" with "And I won't forget you" thrown in between. I wrote this in regards to the impact that my girlfriend has had on my life, and has really given me confidence in so many ways. There is a build up intentionally in the lyrics, where you start further away where you see someone, then get a closer and you hear them, then you know, you start growing magnificent feelings really feel it...and just know.

Verse 3:
I got the "There's more in life to gain / then I could ever lose" from a quote that my Grandfather always used to say apparently (my father always said my Grandfather would say it), but it's something I try to live by, I try not to get caught up on the little things.

"And I have gained so much / just from knowing you". I'll leave this line up to your interpretation.