5 From Kanem

For this month, I have "5 From Kanem". This idea stems from a "Five Bullet Friday" mailing list from this fella named Tim Ferriss. He has a cool book called "The Four Hour Work Week" that I have read (well actually listened to on Audible), and a really good podcast that I listen to from time to time. I am not trying to completely replicate what Tim Ferriss is doing, but I like the prospect of my sharing coming to you 5 things at a time. I will refrain from further disclaimer, here is your "5 From Kanem":

  1. Quote I have written down:
    "Every Situation is an opportunity to act" from "The Obstacle is the Way" by Ryan Holiday. 
    I tend to write down quotes that I really like on sticky notes and post them around wherever I am working.
  2. Song I've listened to way too much recently:
    "Gold" by GZA/The Genius off of Liquid Swords
  3. Guitar Strings I use
    I use 010 GHS Boomers. I like how long the strings last, and I like that they are made in Michigan. I have been using them for about a year I want to say. I recently restrung James Gibson Explorer I, and Layla I also has these strings. I used to use 9's, Ernie Balls Super Slinky's, those are really nice too. I used 9's because I had a Gibson Les Paul Double Cutaway with a fragile head (it was once broken by me on accident). I stopped using that guitar, and I wanted a string with a bit more weight, so I upgraded to 10's, and I decided to switch to GHS, and I've enjoyed the strings very much since the switch.
  4. How I (and Stevie Ray Vaughan apparently) hold a guitar pick
    If you know some things about Stevie Ray Vaughan, you might know that he held his pick a little different than most guitarists. I just adopted this out of admiration of him, it's weird at first, but you get used to it, and now it's weird to hold a pick any other way. 
  5. Song everyone should check out:

Remarks from the artist, Colin:
This was a song I started writing August 2015 when the first 8 bars got stuck in my head and I decided to expand them into a song about the history of North America/the US. Each of the first three verses battles with itself in that they begin from the viewpoint of a regretful oppressor before switching to the side of the oppressed. Really, though, I just hope listeners find value in the song in one way or another.

I present a guitar with new strings! Sir James Gibson Explorer I! #stayInTune

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