Re-re-re-record: "Black Mamba Blues" Intro Solo

Hello January 2017!

It's been since November since my last Kanem's Log, and I'll be definitely posting for the next 3 months on the 12th's of every month (with the exception of this month). Although these Logs don't necessarily take a huge amount of time to write, I want these logs to become more and more genuine. I would like them to be something that I might even tune into. That's what I am attempting with this log.

I am making the declaration that I am finished recording the current EP I am working on! This is difficult, because there is a battle between what I get recorded, and what improvements I can here that I could make...and improvements can always be made. So I am declaring my recording finished and I'm moving on to mixing and mastering! 

Let's talk about recording though. Below I share several recordings of the Intro Solo to "Black Mamba Blues". I start with what I have currently on soundcloud, and I go through different takes of the solo that I made. I'm still debating on which take to use, and I have a few more in consideration. Overall, I decided to re-record this song and hopefully make some improvements to my current version (you can listen to the full song on soundcloud). Also, for this song (and most of my solos), I just improvise with a few ideas of what I want to do in the song, so you'll here differences in where I go with my solos in the recordings.

I did a total of about 12 takes at the lead guitar for this song, which is great in some ways because I'm really trying to make something fantastic. But it does help sometime to have a limit, that way you aren't on an endless loop of re-re-re-re-re-recording. Obviously, if you have no good takes it means you have to practice, and come back and do a better job, but I'll end up in a loop of "I could still probably do a better job".

That's why I typically aim to do at least 4, but at most 8 takes for recording; I got this idea from Questlove I believe on some podcast where he said that he did 8 takes (don't quote me, but if that's accurate I feel pretty good about my memory right now). 4 recordings is enough to have some options, without being lazy to me. I gave it a shot and I did well, I shouldn't just keep recording to keep myself on a "I can do better loop". I limit my recording to 8 takes per recording time, because if I'm not nailing it, chances are, I need to just practice it, or rethink what I am doing in my solos.

That is my basic approach to most of my recording. Thank you for reading this far, and I look forward to writing more in 2017. If your interested in updates, please look to the menu for my social media profiles to follow/like.

Much Respect,