Black Mamba Blues v. Young Love

I recently put together a survey and asked some close musical friends with great taste to comment and compare two songs off my Bite the Bullet - EP. "Black Mamba Blues" went up agains "Young Love" and I got some terrific responses that helped me understand what I was doing right with my music and things that I could improve upon.

Out of the responses, I found that "Young Love" came out the champion with 58.3% of the love. So what worked well for the song? The groove and rhythm of the song resonated with listeners and the energy build up of the song culminating in the tempo change was something that stood out when compared to "Black Mamba Blues". Also, the narrative of the song worked great, it had more of a path that led a listener. That being said, I appreciated the knowledge and encouragement to continue to work on my vocals, which I agree were not as strong as "Black Mamba Blues" overall.

"Black Mamba Blues" received 41.7% of the vote from listeners. I didn't write the main riff of the song to be Hendrix jam intentionally, but we are all influenced by the guitar burning legend, so it seeped out of my unconscious mind onto the fret board. The boldness of the song really engaged listeners as well as the "Don't You Feel it Now" hook. Although the power of the Black Mamba works, I understand that the relentless distorted energy isn't for everyone. I also understand that the lyrical story in "Black Mamba Blues" is lacking and has more repetitive lines.

Overall, I received great feedback and I want to thank everyone that has participated in helping me understand my music from an outsider perspective. My hope is to incorporate more of the input into composing epic songs that emote who I am, but also captivate an audience. There will be more songs like "Young Love" that will build up energy throughout and have fun tempo changes and take you on a story with better vocals. There will be more songs like "Black Mamba Blues" that are all about the energy, all about strong distorted walls of sound, but will be tweaked to provide more clarity, storytelling and detail to the listener!

I plan on receiving more insight from listeners in the future, so stay tuned and sign up for the mailing list to be a part of the feedback crew! And I always appreciate more ears, so if you want, you can check out the form below, listen to both tracks and provide some feedback of your own (it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes). Feel free to share it with people that you think would provide great constructive critiques as well!

Thank you so much and I hope you had a good Turkey day!

Kanem X